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(Cube 1000TM)
The Look  
Max Capacity (L) 1,100 200 1,000  
Tare Weight (kg) 135 18 65 Strong steel structure and design. GBC IBC has passed ISTA 7C
Dimension (mm) 1,140 (l) x 1,140 (W) x 1,085 (H) 585 x 880 (H) 1,200 (L) x 1,000 (W) x 1,160 (H)  
Packing/ 20 FCL Laden (units) 20 80 c/w pallet 18 Pallets are needed in the case of steel drums
Packing/ 20 FCL Folded (units) 70 Not foldable Not foldable  
Packing/40 HC FCL Folded (units) 156 Not foldable Not foldable  
Max Volume/ 20 FCL (L) 22,000 16,800 18,000 Highest volume per 20 FCL
Pallet and Fumigation No requirement. Built-in pallet based Required Required for Wooden base Eliminate pallet and fumigation cost
Product Security Metal Lid with locking mechanism Drum Cover Cap Cover Product is safely covered with metal lids and locking mechanism.
Contamination Risk Nil. A New bag is used every time Low Risk Moderate. If cleaning not done properly Disposal PE/Nylon bag is used for every trips
Terms Rental Purchase Purchase No capital outlay. Trip and Term lease available according to needs
Maintenance Cost No No Yes, if need to recycle Maintenance done by GBC
Inventory Management No Yes Yes GBC IBC is on rental, not part of your asset
Price Low Medium High Lowest price per product weight
Stacking Safely Very Good Poor Very Good GBC IBC has 4 stacking pilot pins to lock IBC firmly in place when stacking
Handling Time Low High Low 20x (GBC) vs 80x (drum). Handling refers to filling, labelling, stuffing, unstuffing, discharging
Comment GBC Foldable IBC offers many strong advantages over metal drums, composite IBCs and other competitors. GBC strong network throughout the world has made economies of scale possible and customers are enjoy better cost savings. Steel drums are most conventional way of packaging. However, many companies are looking for alternatives with bigger capacity, lesser handling time and lower cost to remain competitive in the market. Metal drum prices are also highly depending on prevailing steel price Composite IBC is commonly used for dangerous cargo. Cleaning and maintaining required if IBC to be re-used. High capital outlay and inventory tracking cost is required to purchase the units. High return freight cost is occurred as empty IBC is not foldable